Saturday, March 03, 2007

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jog

In the past four weeks, I have slept in eight cities, and ridden buses, metros, trains, a bullet train, a motorcycle, a rental car, a moto taxi, a few regular taxis, airplanes, and several cars of friends and family. And I walked a lot too. It was very good to see everyone, and it is good to be back.

Income Tax!
Dad and Nathanael

I celebrated Chinese New Year, Carnaval, and President's Day in Los Angeles with my family. In my family, whenever these three important holidays fall on the same weekend, rather than trying to dance half-naked in the street, lighting firecrackers and waving American flags, we just sit around filling out income tax forms and taking turns holding the baby.

Now I have returned to Jinhua, where they are hanging red paper lanterns and shooting off fireworks to celebrate my birthday. It's very thoughtful of them.


slowlane said...

I think that it is only due to your lack of keen insight that you feel that our celebration was not suitable for the holidays.

First, what can be more patriotic than paying taxes?

President's Day: Check

Secondly, it is hard to find something that more suitably represents newness than a baby.

New Year: Check

Thirdly, you just arrived too late to catch the baby dancing half naked.

caedmonstia said...

Hey how come they light fireworks for your birthday? For mine, everyone takes flowers to the cemeteries and celebrates a tearful mass. Oh well.

the girl in the red hat said...

1)... Jiggity JIG (so it rhymes with "to buy a fat PIG, home again home again" etc...) Learn your classics

2) On MY bday, people give thanks.... and so they should

serapio said...

I do know my classics. I just bought a fat hog.

serapio said...

slowlane, thanks for the explanation. it is all clear to me now.

Vicki Carroll said...

Hear! Hear! I'm glad the classics are still remembered. Gotta make sure the baby learns them! As for birthdays, the biggest party I ever had was the fundraiser we put together "The Sweetheart Banquet". Nobody knew it was my bday, til Timo told them. =)

Anonymous said...

listen,i m not quite sure about putting my personal comments here,it didn't came to me to realize until very recently that the truth of that perhaps people (certainly,bloggers) actually don't want everybody to read their personal stuff----
anyway,my birthday was really fantastic this year——people all over the country light firewoks to celebrate it for me——my birthday was happened to be the new year's eve
postscrip:glad to know that you got a really great "refresh" during the past month.
PS.again:i don't understand why i have to publish the message twice!

serapio said...

Yeah, I assume that almost anyone might read what I post on the internet. That's why I don't talk about personal stuff. Oh wait, never mind. Okay, it's why I don't talk about the bodies in the cellar.

I think it makes you fill out the captcha word a second time if you take a while to post your comment. Maybe it thinks if you take a long time, you might be a computer that is taking a long time to process the captcha code.

Anonymous said...

wow! it's just sooooo HIGH-TECH!

PS(for the third time):your guess totally doesn't work! and by the way may i ask what exactlly does your definition of"A WHILE"?

serapio said...

Well, I would have defined "a while" in this context as something more than a minute or two.

My new theory is that the internet gods are mad at you for some reason. What have you done to perturb the internet gods?

Anonymous said...

i think it was because of my endless complaining to the fate and the world that actually irritated him....(him or her? i heard people say that god is a girl recently). but since my rotten mood has somewhat changed i d like to come here to have a test
PS. it is "purturb" rather than "perturb"

serapio said...

The internet gods are a "they". They're a species of elf or pixie, probably related to Cobbler's Elves.

Actually, it is "perturb". Even your favorite dictionary has it that way.