Friday, March 30, 2007

The Yellow Card Question, Episode 5

And now, it's time for the SHOW! (Scroll down the page and start the theme song playing now, okay? Go ahead, I'll wait.)

Today, for the first time in history, I will first demonstrate a new and amazing magic trick! As you can see, or as you will have to trust me on this anyway, I am holding in my hands this perfectly unremarkable hat! So unremarkable in fact, that it has the name "Visalia" across the front. And as you can see, or as I assure you, there is nothing in the hat! But watch (or imagine) closely now. My hands are empty and the hat is empty, but with a simple flick of my wrist and a reach into my backpack, !!!yellow cards!!! How was that folks? All without any mirrors or camera tricks!

Thank you, thank you.

And now, ... the question for today:

"If you woke up suddenly because your building was on fire, which three things would you save as you ran outside"

Well, I don't have much of value here, neither sentimental value nor monetary. My lippy-loppy, of course, has my entire life on it, so even though much of it is backed up elsewhere, that would be the first thing I would grab. After that, I think I should grab my various IDs (Does that count as one thing or as a dozen? Seriously, how did I end up with so many ID cards?). And for the third thing, ... I would grab a pair of shoes. I could manage in my sleeping clothes for a while (or there's a fair chance I would not have changed out of my normal clothes before falling asleep), and I could borrow or buy others easily enough, but shoes in my size are the stuff of legend in these parts.


Brian said...

I think this yellow card question deserves its own theme song. I would like to suggest this piece of nostalgia:

Pay special attention to the "house afire" base player.

Matthew Carroll said...

Sheesh... all those nice ladies, politely minding their own business, and some clown has to come and steal the show.

But I think I would grab the same three things, assuming of course that my wife and son are already safe. But I'd have to grab my external HD together with my laptop, my passport together with those of my wife and son (all four of theirs), and my shoes, not because I'd have a hard time finding my size here, but because escaping burning buildings barefoot could be problematic. Though fleeing the building in what I wore to bed could also cause problems.

If you asked Nathanael what three things he would choose, he would grab the vertical blinds (because he always does), a fist full of camel hair from my Uzbek rug (nothing else like it), and his jacaré.