Monday, February 28, 2005

Good thing I'm not entirely disorganized

This evening the alarm bell going off in my head periodically about doing a FAFSA finally resulted in my taking some action. A month or so ago, when I realized I might still be taking classes in the summer and fall, I tried to do a FAFSA, and discovered that I don't know what my FAFSA pin is. I must have had it last year about this time, but not anymore. So I had them send me another copy. Not to my email, no, that would be the sensible thing. I must have activated my pin back before the internet, because they don't have an email address attached to the pin record, and have to send it snail mail. Unfortunately, the snail mail address on the pin record is still Mum and Dad's place, five hours away. Fortunately, I was going up there the next week anyway. Unfortunately, it apparently takes the FAFSA people more than a week to find a pin number and mail it. Fortunately, it got there while I was up there. Unfortunately, I don't know what I've done with it now. I remember putting it safely away with my stuff, but I haven't seen it since. So this evening I went searching for the pin postcard. Guess what? Like I just said, I haven't seen it. I did find something interesting though. It's a driver's license renewal form, dated December 28, 2004, and it helpfully states across the top in bold caps, "RENEW EARLY TO RECEIVE YOUR NEW LICENSE BEFORE YOUR CURRENT LICENSE EXPIRES." That's interesting. When does my license expire? Oh. 03-03-05. Let's see, not 2003 March 5, as one might expect nor even, technically, is it 03 March 2005, but rather March 3, 2005. The day after the day after tomorrow. And since I haven't changed addresses (obviously I still receive important mail like bank statements and DMV renewal notices at that address), I am eligible to renew by internet, which I just did. Now, the question is, how long will it be before I receive my new license? (At my address 5 hours drive away from here. Slowlane, would you mind sending it along when it gets there? thanks for the card btw.) Interestingly enough, I then went to to find out when the filing deadline for that is, and discovered that the renewal deadline is now in June. How long has it been this way? Why has my alarm bell been going off about FAFSA for the last month? Oh yeah, because I needed to remember to file my driver's license renewal.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wolly Pog is not my friend any more

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Despite her small stature, Wolly Pog is an old dog. In her dotage, she has apparently developed an aversion to doing her business on wet and/or cold ground. This means that we will occasionally find little gifts on the carpet or right outside the door on the sidewalk. Also, her breath stinks, and she likes to lick hands and faces. One might think that these would be sufficiently ingratiating to leave her without friend or sympathizer, but I am a forbearing man. However, Pog the Incorrigible also has a habit of bolting her food (or at least the little meaty treats her owner puts on her food). Tuesday, as a result, she developed an upset stomach, and threw up in my bed. And a suprising quantity of slimy meaty treats can be held in that little belly. So, as they say, now she's in the doghouse.