Sunday, April 17, 2005

And now for something completely nother

Given the widespread use of the "a whole nother" construction, one would expect 'nother' to show up in other constructions, but after much highly scientific introspection about my internal grammar, I was convinced, though puzzled, that it did in fact not work in other constructions.

I was talking with slowlane tonight, though, and she said, "He's got a full nother week." There it is--a perfectly sensible utterance. Where else does 'nother' already appear in the wild? How else shall 'nother' be used?

Googling 'nother -whole' doesn't show much of interest, but buried in the hits of the surname Nother and "'nother" at the beginning of a phrase, are "some nother stuff" and "some nother wierd things." Furthermore, '"a * nother" -whole' turns up "a hefty nother thing", "a good nother 20 years", "a totally nother context", "a single nother person", and "a couple nother questions", among others.

colloquium speakers

colloquium speakers
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I guess those of you that weren't there might not have known that yesterday was our linguistics association's big annual event. I think it went pretty well. The lunch part was even quite enjoyable.

The 'official' picture of the colloquium speakers is posted here, but I think I like this one better.

Monday, April 11, 2005

That was almost fun

I did my taxes. (w00t!) I have an adjusted gross income almost 4 times as much as last year, and my total tax (including self-employment tax from tutoring) was less! It was also free, with nothing to mail, even though I have to do a standard 1040 with three W-2s and one 1099. Actually not quite free, because I'm paying the feds by credit card, and there's a convenience fee. But still.

From the post-process survey:

Would you recommend this program to your friends and family?

Yes. I would.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Ocotillo Hike Photos

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I've finally put up my photos from the hike last Sunday.