Monday, December 06, 2004

Two and three quarter pairs of old pants for sale, $60 each

I worked an inventory at Hollister's today. If you're as uncultured as I am, you probably haven't heard of them, but they're kind of like Abercrombie only with barely any lighting. Among other things, they had a big display of jeans with holey knees, ragged cuffs, and paint splotches all over. Most of them were priced at $79.99. I have to wonder, who is buying these jeans and why? Perhaps, not realizing their future need of such things (quite understandable i would think), they threw out those holey jeans that were sitting in the bottom of their drawer for two and half years, and when they went to the salvation army, there wasn't anything quite ratty enough, even after wearing them to art class and paintballing. And apparently they now need some properly destroyed jeans quite urgently.

So I'm selling my collection of holey jeans at a special discount, if you were thinking you need some of those. I think one pair even has a seed crop of paint splotches.


Matthew Carroll said...

Sweeeet!!! The Seminary, by popular demand just changed the dress code to holey, paint-splotched jeans! Now I have no use for my dress shoes, dress slacks, dress shirt and tie! Do you FedEx?

serapio said...

I do, but there will be a small S&H charge. Please remit payment to my paypal account. Thank you.