Saturday, November 20, 2004

RE: stay young

I swear, the temptations in this field can be overwhelming sometimes. First job prospects in marketing or with Microsoft, and now this.

I bet it would be pretty fun making up those little post-modern novellas at the end of junk mail. I could make a little script that puts them together automatically! Take these two for example:

our address is in hyperlink above along with gone from db
The sailors squatted in the loops, and Rob swung the vine over his shoulders and turned the indicator of the traveling machine to up.
As they slowly mounted into the sky the little sailor gave a squeal of terror and clung to the boy's arm; but the other, although seemingly anxious, sat quietly in his place and made no trouble.

D--d--don't g--g--go so high! stammered the little one, tremblingly; suppose we should f--f--fall! Well, s'pose we should? answered Rob, gruffly. But their journey was almost over, for in a short time they reached a small cave from which there was no further outlet.

insulted past forgiveness."Now she's mad. Oh, dear, I wish I hadn't asked
you to speak, Mama," said May, looking `It's the wisestthing to expect, and
the likeliest. But I think their withdrawing is in your favour.
of court not being allowed, Jerry heard no more: but left them--so like
each other in feature, so unlike each other
minerologisen 10 neitseest 51 nimellni lehdisthotelli ministerin

I think it would be pretty fun developing a little machine that cranks these out. It's like madlibs!


caedmonstia said...

hey.... I've never gotten a junk-mail with a novella on it! No fair! Where's MY novella?

That's what I get for leaving the country for two years, I guess.

You don't realize how fast things evolve in the US 'til you live in a different country where people wear the same clothes they wore two years ago, day in and day out, until the clothes fall apart and become rugs to wipe their feet. And here, when you say that you have a blog, even the ex-pats say, "what the heck is that?"

So ten years from now, who knows, we might get novellas on our junk-mail.

Brian said...

Can one be post modern and pre trib? Could the resultant novellas be sub or super? Would it be possible that we might hereby establish a link? No answers, just questions...