Saturday, December 11, 2004

Re: Re: Stay young

So this week two items of junk mail slipped past my mail reader's filter. You know why? They stole my idea! It looks like they're using a Probabalistic CFG to generate a soup of sentences.

Any fancy mobile phone calculates.
The tall balloon arrives as soon as whose shining slopy door run or maybe mine green purple ram sleeps.
Her well-crafted expensive red golden gun stands-still.
Her daughters red camera lies while his brothers soft boots makes sound.
Her little purple noisy car is thinking.
Our children little recycle bin run.
Mine hairy bra stares.
Their fancy table stares and perhaps the beautiful picture calms-down the time that his golden baby stinks.
Mine stupid camera stinks or any given well-crafted silver hairy bottle is angry.
His brothers round shining round-shaped baby stares.
Any given smart noisy silver beautiful mp3 player falls the time that our red computer fidgeting however, their small bluish soda calculates.


caedmonstia said...

Hey I don't get it. Why does your spam filter get confused just because little hairy children are running through the stupid recycle bin?

Brian said...

The really scary thing is, I read this one and the pilot for your thesis, and I was understanding this one better than the other one. I'm sure I've sounded this way to some of my own classes, (although, I may not have been aware that I was speaking Probabalistic CFG to generate a soup of sentences). I don't anticipate ever sounding like the thesis. I'm sure glad you're the one doing it. It really is pretty impressive. You also have a pretty impressive resume. You make me proud.

serapio said...

Wouldn't you get confused if hairy children were running through your recycle bin?