Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Some pretty pictures

Here are some pretty pictures of website networks:

Political news sites
Political blogs

warning: they are somewhat large files (like 3MB or so)

They don't have the dumbell shape we're hoping for, but at least in the news sites you can see the conservative and liberal sites clumping together on opposite sides of the graph.


Matthew Carroll said...

That's really cool. Does the placement in the graph along its dimensions mean anything, or does it just clump blogs in clouds?

Let me show you a website that will probably skew whatever bell curve where you might include it.

Infowars.comThat's a favorite sight of my Greek professor from this summer, Dr. Farnell. You can brouse his site, too. As he says, it should be "worth a hoot."

serapio said...

Yeah, the positioning is just based on what things it's connected to. Like making every link a two-inch spring and squashing the mess.

slowlane said...

For some reason I couldn't open the one for blogs. Undoubtedly mine is positioned as being fair and balanced in every way, right?

serapio said...

Indeed. Your political commentary is always quite balanced.

caedmonstia said...

To me it looks like a sprinkler system operated by flying saucers.

Have you thought of designing Brazilian swimwear?

caedmonstia said...

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