Sunday, September 05, 2004

This is a Field and Garden Dream

So I was going to paste in a poem that would explain the field and garden dream, but I couldn't find any one poem that would do. But here you can read a bunch. And here too.

Okay fine. Here is one poem.

Fields and Gardens by the River Qi (by Wang Wei)
I dwell apart by the River Qi,
Where the Eastern wilds stretch far without hills.
The sun darkens beyond the mulberry trees;
The river glistens through the villages.
Shepherd boys depart, gazing back to their hamlets;
Hunting dogs return following their men.
When a man's at peace, what business does he have?
I shut fast my rustic door throughout the day.


slowlane said...

Your list of favorite movies will probably mess up someone's text mining project. They will think that land before time contains great similarities to Chinese field and garden poetry.

caedmonstia said...

I do not know what a text mining project is. It sounds violent, and I am against blowing up books, so let me just say that at the outset.

Inspired by these field and garden dreams, I have posted my own sort of dream on my blogging site, which is titled "Too Broke to Blog". If anyone feels guilty about the amount of time I am spending doing something I am too broke to do, I can post an address for monetary contributions. I am a nice person who deserves your money.

caedmonstia said...

By the way, I looked at your links to poems. They looked very pretty, but I couldn't read them as my Chinese isn't very good. I guess I will just have to imagine that they say some nice gardeny-type things.

serapio said...

Yeah, I can't read those poems either. Except for one almost, because I memorized it once.

And text mining doesn't involve blowing anything up. We just use big cranes and dig in sedimentary text.

Anonymous said...
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