Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Partying like it's 199999.9

Today, at the corner of Buena Vista and Mission Greens, my truck turned 200000. w00t w00t! I wish I had a picture for you, cuz it was a sight to behold. All the little dials, in a row, turning in not-quite-unison. Even now, actually, while the tens digit is firmly on '0', the '2' is peaking over the lip rather hesitantly, with the bottom of the '1' still hanging down. The truck did not collapse on the spot, and in fact seems just as spry as it did 1000 miles ago.


slowlane said...
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slowlane said...

I was going to heartily congratulate you on reaching this important milestone, but when I clicked on the link you posted to visit the famed spot, I received this message:

Your search for buena vista at mission greens in Santee, CA 92071 could not be found.

Question: Did the spot get retired because of how cool it is or do such cool things as turning 200000 only happen in make believe places?

caedmonstia said...

It's because it became so famous for its historical value that they had to cordon it off and try to make it go incognito. There were too many frenzied groupies building altars on the spot where The Truck transcended the 200,000 mark.