Monday, September 06, 2004

Playing Fish

Next time you are out on a boat with some big fishing poles you need to try this game. It's called playing fish, and it's not at all like playing go fish. First, cut the hook off the line (very important). Then make a loop on the end of the line. Then grab the loop, dive into the water. Then fight like a fish to swim away from the boat, while your friend fights like a fisherman to pull you in. For variety try playing with more than one fish or more than one fisher.


slowlane said...

What if you are fishing by yourself? Or is this one of those games that only works for two or more people?

caedmonstia said...

Have you actually ever tried this game? Because it sounds like it would hurt your fingers. I mean holding onto fishing line and pulling while someone pulls on you. I guess you could wear gloves. Or maybe when you play it a lot you get callouses like when you play guitar, so it wouldn't hurt too much.

serapio said...

Yes and yes. It's quite hard to play by yourself, and it feels like your hand is falling off when take the fishing line off