Sunday, May 25, 2008

Angie's Meme Response

In response to Carroll

The closest bookish thing was actually a magazine with an ad on page 123.

"Dior, luxury white, shiny as diamonds."

The second thing was a Japanese comic book.

The book w/ at least 123 pages on it is: American Legal English. (I'm reading it now). Topic: Manslaughter -_-
next 3 sentences are: 
1. A homicide that would otherwise be second-degree murder may be reduced to voluntary manslaughter if it was committed in response to adequate provocation, sometimes referred to as killing in the 'heat of passion'.
2. In general, four requirements must be met: 
3. (1). The provocation must be reasonable(judged by the standard of the reaction of an objective, reasonable person, not a subjective standard that relates to the actor). 

And she tags jeorgesmith.