Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YCQ #10: Om

Good evening, my children. The time has come once again, that special time when we stop to meditate on the omissions of the past and the looming shadow of deadlines to come. Today we celebrate this time of the month by the ritual of the yellow card question, when I reach into that fabled stack of digital question cards, and enlighten you with random bits of wisdom.

The theme song of the hour is 轮回 (Reincarnation) by 盛噶仁波切 (Singa Rinpoche), a Tibetan lama and living Buddha.1 Calm your mind by listening to him chant.

I don't understand the lyrics, but I think there was more to that song than a mantra. How am I ever going to reach enlightenment when they make such complicated poems for meditation?

Okay, so now that our minds are at one with the universe, it's time for the yellow card!

And the teacher replied to the student, "Tweet tweet!"

1. Did you know Steven Seagal is a living Buddha too?


Vicki Carroll said...

Is he related to Jonathon Livingston Seagull?
And with respect to the YCQ, I mentally went through the list: the dodo, a peacock, the wingless hairy apteryx, and I've decided that I'd like to be (drum roll please) AN EAGLE, so that I can soar high above the clouds and enjoy the wind beneath my wings. =)

Brian said...

Um . . . Um . . . Um . . .
I guess I shouldn't rap enlightenment (rapping obviously didn't enlighten Singa much), but standards seem to be slipping all over.

I'm quite satisfied not coming back at all, and certainly not with a bird brain, but assuming an hypothetical ornithological reincarnation (one fowl return after another), I have always thought kingfishers looked like they were having fun. Or perhaps a hummingbird. Or an ostrich. Or something in between. That’s what can happen when one empties one’s mind.

Um . . . Um . . . Um . . .

serapio said...

I chose the song and wrote the intro before I got the question. I didn't really realize about how well it fits with the reincarnation theme until I saw your comments. =P