Monday, April 30, 2007

YCQ #7

Clean cup, clean cup! Move Down! The theme song of the day is 中国话[mp3], by S.H.E, a Taiwanese girl band. It's one of the most popular hits these days, occupying place number 7 in Baidu's list of most popular songs. Play it the video below, or open the mp3 link above.

So what is it about, you ask? Here is a complete translation, but the chorus says

The whole world is learning Chinese
Confucius's words are gradually globalizing
The whole world is speaking Chinese
The language we speak makes the world all listen carefully

It's celebrating the rise of Chinese as the next global lingua franca! (In case you missed the CCTV news, it's just a matter of time. China is doing a lot to promote Chinese language and culture worldwide, most notably the Confucius Institutes. Many of my students major in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, a field that is growing, but not as quickly as the government and these students hoped.) The more off-the-wall lines in the song are references to tongue twisters, classical tone scansion, and philosophy parables.

So what were we doing here again? Oh yeah, the question!
If you could live perfectly well without sleeping at all, what would you do at night?
Well, I have often wished I didn't have to sleep so much. I've never managed on less than about 8 hours of sleep average, unlike some older brothers we know. This means that they have dozens more hours each week to make bank working long hours, read lots of books, shop online, and still have time for a family/social life. All I seem to have time for is reading the internet and watching youtube movies. If I didn't have to sleep at all, I might find the time to grade papers, write a thesis, or even take a shower occasionally.

[Edit: 中国话 is actually the top song in the list of popular new songs.]


Anonymous said...

odd enough
this time your blog didn't reject me!in view of the lack of comment of this journal,i decide to leave one though i never like SHE

caedmonstia said...

The words of this song are sooo true! Eduardo watched it one time with me and already he is speaking Chinese perfectly. I haven't quite caught on yet but I am getting there!

caedmonstia said...

Eduardo also says he is happy to see that the men are catching on to his jumping move that he pioneered (so he tells me).

Also I forgot to say what I would do if I didn't have to sleep anymore. I think I would give more attention to my cats. Since I have to sleep, when they come to talk to me in the middle of the night I squirt them with a spray bottle. If I didn't have to sleep, we could hang out and just talk and enjoy each other's company.