Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm coming to the party, and I'm coming as

a Computational Linguist, or a Corpus Linguist, or a Cognitive Scientist of Language, or a Luxury Car Salesman. And I'm moving to La Jolla, California. I am such an egotist.


Matthew Carroll said...

At the party, I'll be your emcee.

slowlane said...

I've been wondering about the guy we heard from whose name was Justus and he was incarcerated in a prison on Liberty Street.

Vicki Carroll said...

Hi. I left a comment yesterday, but it disappeared!
Just wanted you to know that I did not choose to move to Visalia. Someone else made that decision. But it is kinda weird to see my initials on everything: Visalia City Coach, Visalia Christian Supply, Visalia Christian Schools, (even Victoria's Secret!!!???) Maybe it's just chance. =)