Wednesday, November 22, 2006


A bit busy here, no time to write much. Which is where you come in. Your job is to: (1) identify what I am eating in this picture, and (2) provide a caption. A hint: it isn't turkey with cranberry sauce. Thanks.


In other news, the Great Firewall has migrated to include and among the civilized. It has accordingly been moved down on my enemies list.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I think it is banana slices with goo on top.

And my caption for it would be "An interesting part of this complete breakfast... or lunch... or whatever meal would justify eating this"

My caption writing skills are a little on the verbose side right now.

Matthew Carroll said...

My caption would be, "Mmmm! Tastes like chicken!" but you have to say it with a "Tony the Tiger" voice.

Though I'm with slowlane. Those are definitely bananas with goo on top. I'm guessing you bought some cinopeanut butter and melted a bit of chocolate.

Brian said...

Yes on the banana. I think the peanut butter is being used to glue the wasp larvea to the banana slices. Or maybe that's carmelized soy sauce gluing saltwater mussels to the banana slices.

Caption: "Wouldn't you like to stray for dinner?"

By the way, we missed you. Next year at our place.

caedmonstia said...

Looks to me like crawdads on banana. My caption would be "Lucien has been away too long. He is eating wierd stuff". But, upon thinking harder and using my imagination, it could be nutella and peanut butter on the bananas. In which case my caption will be "Lucien will not become as grossly overweight on Thanksgiving as the rest of us will". Ugh. I ate way too much.

serapio said...

Well, you guys are good guessers, and even better caption writers. The goo on the banana slices is Skippy (R) Chocolate Stripe peanut butter, available at your local Walmart. There isn't much chocolate or peanut butter here, and I haven't seen any nutella, so this combo is super special.

Anonymous said...

i didn't recognise it ,but what interests me is your red face,it looks a lovely apple so much

Anonymous said...

ah-o,it seems should be "it looks like"-----

ps:i can post comments as before,finally!