Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She is here!

Guess what! She's here, in real life! Natu and his auntie have had an ongoing discussion about how things are supposed to be called.

Natu: Uma montanha!
Angie: What?
Natu: Uma montanha!
Angie: yeah, a mountain!
Natu: Uma casa na montanha!
Angie: What?
Natu: Otra casa!
Angie: What?


Angie: How many leaves?
Natu: Um, dois, três, cuatro, cinco. cinco leaves.
Angie: Six, seven,
Natu: seven, oito,
Angie: nine
Natu: ten!


Natu: Up! Down! Up! Down!
Angie: Shàng! Xià! Shàng! Xià!
Natu: No! It's: Up! Down! Up! Down!


slowlane said...

very cute. =)

caedmonstia said...

That's exciting! How does she like the US so far, other than the learning Portuguese part? :)