Saturday, February 28, 2009

YCQ #15: The most unwanted blog post

Welcome, welcome, to today's episode of the Yellow Card Question Show! We have a show today of such amazing and grotesque character that it will surely haunt your nightmares for months to come! I guarantee it, and stand by my guarantee. And I won't even pretend that it's just coincidence that I'm standing by my guarantee, and have never even actually met the weirdo. If you are not struck speechless by this awful show, then you can go ahead and say something, and you can have a full refund! Be brave, and step right up folks!

Let's start things off with today's theme song: The most unwanted song! (Here's some background explanation.) Pinker, this one's for you.

And now let's have a yellow card!

Well, I would want to say "No thank you," but I suspect an invitation to tea with the Queen is sort of invitation you can't refuse. And as everyone knows, when having tea with the Queen, you must not speak until spoken to, so I think I would simply be answering her questions. And I have no idea what she would want to ask me. Perhaps you should go talk to her about that first.


Vicki Carroll said...

I think I would say "Thank you." And probably break protocol by adding,"I admire you greatly, Your Majesty, for holding your head up high in difficult circumstances."
I think her mum, the Queen Mum, was also a very classy lady. =)

Taking it like a man said...

First, I'd like to say thank you for posting the song. I had heard about the most unwanted song from an episode of 'this american life' a couple of weeks ago. They interviewed the two guys that thought up the art experiment and in that interview they played clips from that song and also from the most wanted song. The most unwanted song was clearly leaps and bounds more interesting and fun to listen to than the most wanted.

As for the YCQ: I would say "I need to borrow 2 million dollars for my research"

caedmonstia said...

Hmmm... I think I would say, "Will Your Majesty be footing the bill for my trip to England, or will Your Majesty be coming to tea at my house?" Because I like to clarify things to make sure there are no frustrations over discrepancies in expectations, later on. Then I would ask, "Does Your Majesty have any herbal tea, because black tea and green tea make me feel like I'm on speed or something".

caedmonstia said...

As for the Most Unwanted Song, I'm pretty sure that more than 200 individuals on earth would enjoy listening to it. At least part of it. At least once. My favorite part is the holiday jingles sung by children/Walmart commercial.