Thursday, July 31, 2008

YCQ #12

Welcome, welcome! The month of July (or was it June?) has sped past, and it is indeed time for a new episode of The Yellow Card Question! The theme song of the day is from 二十分可乐 (something like "20-minute humor"), a TV show produced by the local TV station, all in Jinhua dialect, with a lot of references to local culture and places. If you use Windows with IE and ActiveX, you can watch all 117 episodes online.

So! On with the show! For your entertainment today, we will have a bit of a twist -- I will pull the yellow card with my left hand! That's right, I am ambidextrous (or ambi-sinister?), capable of equally clumsy movements with my right and left hands. So, here we go -- wait for it -- the yellow card question!

How about that folks?!

Well, my main purpose in life is to keep my audience entertained. Or at least that's what a couple friends have told me recently. How am I doing?


Matthew Carroll said...

Hmmmm... Excellent question.

Well, I just dropped my classes this semester so I could help my wife with the babies, and I stayed home from work today because Natu is sick, and I'm typing with one hand while using the other to help Nilo stay asleep.

I think "Daddy" sums up my purpose in life pretty well.

caedmonstia said...

Hey, how come all the yellow card questions seem to say the same thing? Like, how do you want people to remember you, How will you make the world a better place, what is your purpose in life... Isn't that all the same thing, basically?

I guess I was making the world a better place by making pork ribs, which is not exactly my purpose in life.

serapio said...

Well, it's true that many of the questions could be answered with very similar answers. Then there is an additional bias because I don't always actually take the first card I pick. Sometimes I will pull up a dumb question like "If you were a toy, what would you be?" or "Is 'no' the answer to this question?" And then I decide I will try to finish the post later, and when I come back I will spin again.

slowlane said...

Obviously, you need someone else to be adding some questions to your random card pile.