Saturday, October 20, 2007

10000 tracks scrobbled

10000 tracks scrobbled
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A year and a half ago, I joined the social music revolution. World peace and harmony through sympathetic vibrations, you know? Oh wait. That's not quite right. It promised to connect me with people who like the same kind of music as me. The best part is it didn't require marching in the streets or hiding in muddy fortifications.

Well, today I "scrobbled" my 10000th track, Fujo Nyumbani, by the Western Jazz Band, found on Steve Ntwiga's blog via el oso. I have found some good music on, but it's also clear i'm a freak. There just aren't many people out there listening to Leonor Dely, Forrest Carroll, and Mandingo y su Familia.


Anonymous said...

Almost a year late - but thank you so much for the props! and I hope you are enjoying your foray into new genres.

Keep visting.