Saturday, January 06, 2007

Top 10 Reasons For Not Updating Your Blog

10. An earthquake has shut down the internet, and it's painfully slow to access the blog authoring page. (News saying the internet is back to normal is an evil lie. It is better than a weak ago, but still very slow.)
9. Most of the things you might like to post about involve showing photos, which, due to said internet freeze, cannot be uploaded.
8. End-of-semester crunch time.
7. You're still looking for a license plate that ends "000".
6. You're still working on compiling your New Year's resolutions.
5. You need to wash your hair.
4. As a white heterosexual male native-English-speaking college graduate of US citizenship and Protestant upbringing, you're feeling self-conscious about drowning out less privileged voices and contributing to cultural hegemony.
3. Now that Time Magazine has made you, as an internet content producer, the 2006 Person of the Year, you feel you can rest on your laurels and seek self-fulfillment in some other arena, kind of like Yasser Arafat did after he was made 1993 Person of the Year as a peacemaker.
2. You are feeling disillusioned about your blog-posting abilities, comparing your 100 posts in three years to your sister's 200 posts in one year.
1. You've decided there's no better way to annoy your sister (short of flying back to visit her and tapping her on the shoulder unceasingly.)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you let number 2 keep you from blogging since

A) I have always been more wordy than you (with the possible exception of the two years between the time that you learned to talk and I learned to talk).

B) Sometimes I feel obliged to post for the simple fact that no one in my "Regular Reads" file on bloglines has posted.

Anonymous said...

oh,what can i say,the world is full of excuses , so dont but us so many buts

ps:a piece of good news,i m carefree from today till 15th