Friday, September 15, 2006

9-11 retrospectives

Global Voices has an excellent roundup of worldwide commentary on the 9-11 anniversary. [via el oso]

The people here, like many places around the world, are certainly interested in the U.S., generally more than other English-speaking nations. Many people respect or admire aspects of American culture, and the rest have a strong enough sense of hospitality to still be friendly, but we're not exactly liked. It's important to understand why.


Anonymous said...

yeah,what you said is totally true but i want to state that for me,I really love America,the land of freedom as well as a melting pot of all kinds of cultrues

caedmonstia said...

From without things look very different than from within... the news we have access to, the images we see on TV, the slant it all takes. It is important to see things from the outside view sometimes. We can learn perspective.