Saturday, June 24, 2006

Blucker by Sweetwater River

Blucker by Sweetwater River
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I have been informed that I should point out to my faithful readers that I have posted pictures of the hike Biker and I took when she visited me.

For further entertainment, provide the syntactic tree for the sentence above. Then insert "on flickr" in the most natural place, and redraw the tree. If you figure that out please explain it to me.

Or perhaps we need a poll. Which would you feel more comfortable saying?
a) I have posted pictures on flickr of the hike we took
b) I have posted on flickr pictures of the hike we took
c) I have posted pictures of the hike we took on flickr

Is this covered in those formal-syntax type classes?


Brian said...

On Flickr, I have posted pictures of the hike we took.

I have, on Flickr, posted pictures of the hike we took.

On the hike, we took pictures, which I have now posted on Flickr.

So...on Flickr I have now viewed the pictures you posted from your hike. Nice hike. Nice pictures.

Unknown said...

so... why didn't you just boat down the river?


i am hilarious.

serapio said...

Just to clarify: those ruts to the right of Blucker are erosion in the path. The mighty Sweetwater River is over to the left, hidden in the trees. Still, the river was low enough we had to cancel our white-water rafting plans.

the girl in the red hat said...

I don't think we covered this issue in a formal type syntax class. We did discuss this kind of obsessive behavior in a psych class though. I will lend you my notes.

serapio said...

It is kinda remarkable what becomes interesting when the alternative is thesis writing. I asked about the preposition thing in the linguistics LJ community. Red hat, I think you would like the paper linked there about covert and overt movement.

whoamitoblowagainstthewind said...

i'm going with
I have, on flickr, posted...