Wednesday, February 22, 2006


create your own visited country map

(15 countries)
Note that in contrast to the travels of Mr. Carroll, Mataikhan, Caedmonstia, Slowlane, and Jeorge, I have barely traveled. My traveling within the US is similarly sad:

create your own personalized map of the USA

especially when you consider that in three of those states I never left the airport, and in Arizona I've never been beyond Yuma.

Addendum: Here you can make a map of the places you've been and the places you want to go to. What's not as fun is it's a flash dealy that you can't post on your blog.


the girl in the red hat said...

So is this where you're based? Or where it's happening?

slowlane said...

It occured to me that Caedmonstia probably hasn't been to as many countries as you have been. Ironically, however, she has lived overseas the longest out of all of us.
If I've done the calculations wrong, somebody correct me.

whoamitoblowagainstthewind said...

are you counting places were you've only been in airports? i think thats illegal.

serapio said...

Yes I'm counting airports, because otherwise it would be very blank.

Slowlane, you might be right. She's been in Ecuador, and within the US she's traveled more, but she skipped a few European countries, didn't she.

Brian said...

Happy birthday, Lucien. You may not be traveling much today, but I suspect you still have a few foreign places ahead of you. So enjoy both the going and the staying. Love, Dad